همه چیز دونی!
سه شنبه 1 دی 1388 :: نویسنده : هومن همه چیز دون!

Short Stories of English

Number 8

Carbon Street is a long, tree-lined street with majestic houses on either side. The houses are owned by millionaires who cherish their quiet, residential street. Throughout the day, the only noise is usually the sound of various birds singing in the trees or the occasional jetliner flying high overhead. Not even the sound of gas leaf blowers or gas lawn mowers invades the silence.

But, nothing lasts forever. Carbon Street is about to change. Mr. Bing, a self-made billionaire, has a plan. A big plan. A big plan for a big house. Mr. Bing says he likes to do everything big.

“I like to make a statement. What’s the use of being on this planet if others don’t know that you’re here? After years of searching all over the world, I have determined that Carbon Street is the perfect place to live. I plan to build the biggest house in the world at the end of this street. Construction will take about three years, but it will be worth it. I’m going to throw at least one party every weekend for all my friends. It’s going to be fantastic!”

“It’s going to be a nightmare,” said one neighbor. “We’re already talking to some realtors. Three years of construction. Three years of trucks going back and forth every day. And then parties every weekend? We can't even sue him—I think he’s got more money than our whole state. No, it’s time to move. We went from having the nicest neighborhood to having the worst neighborhood, all because of one new neighbor. I wonder who the idiot is who told him about our street.”


نوع مطلب : انگلیسی، آموزشی، 
برچسب ها : انگلیسی،
یکشنبه 29 آذر 1388 :: نویسنده : هومن همه چیز دون!

Short Stories of English

Number 7

Dylan’s car was 20 years old, but the faded paint made it look even older. His friend Joe told him no girl would ever go out in a car that looked like that. So Dylan took the car to a paint shop and got it painted dark blue for only $200. He was very pleased with the new look. The car stereo did not work. Joe told him that no girl wanted to be in a car without a good sound system. So Dylan bought a nice stereo and installed it himself.

Months went by. One day, Dylan told Joe that no girl had ridden in his “new” car yet. “That’s because there are other problems,” Joe told him. “Like what?” “Well, you don’t exactly have the world’s best personality,” Joe said. “That’s a little more important than a paint job.” So Dylan told Joe he would ask a psychologist to give him a new personality.

Recently, Dylan had a new problem—gasoline. He smelled gas after he started his car; he smelled it while driving the car. Was he driving a bomb? What if someone tossed out a cigarette near his car? Would it explode into a thousand pieces—pieces that included Dylan?

That night, he opened his car manual. It was a well-thumbed book. He had a car problem at least once a month, and he was always looking up ways to fix the problems. He thought this might be a carburetor problem.

The next day, he took his toolbox out to his car. He opened the hood. He started up the car and looked all around the carburetor for a gas leak. He could smell the gas, but he couldn’t find a liquid trail. After a few minutes, however, he found the source of the problem. It was the fuel line.

“All right!” he thought. “All I have to do is buy a new line and install it.” But it wasn’t long before he realized that this was a job for a mechanic. So he got into his car, opened all the windows, and drove to the closest mechanic. The mechanic quoted Dylan a price of only $50. He told Dylan to come back in an hour.

Dylan walked down the street to the coffee shop and bought himself a cup of coffee. He read the paper, drank the coffee, and then walked back to the shop.

“We couldn’t fix it,” said the mechanic. “The fuel line wasn’t the problem; you need a new fuel pump.”

“A new fuel pump? How much is that?” Dylan asked.

“Parts and labor? I think it’ll be about $200. We’ll have to special-order the pump. This car is so old that they might not even make pumps for it any more. Do you want me to try to order it for you? You’ll have to put the money up first, of course.”

“Let me think about it. Here’s the $50 I owe you. I’ll give you a call when I decide what to do.”

But Dylan had already decided what to do. He had bought his car for only $1,100, but had put over $3,000 into it since then. When he got home, he called the Car Donation Corporation. They would take the car off his hands for free. Enough was enough. It was time to let go.


نوع مطلب : آموزشی، انگلیسی، 
برچسب ها : انگلیسی،
یکشنبه 29 آذر 1388 :: نویسنده : هومن همه چیز دون!

Short Stories of English


Jodie liked her apartment. She had a beautiful view to the south. A nearby tree was home to two squirrels. She liked to watch them. So did her cat. Mrs. Neely owned the apartment building. She was an old lady who spoke with a thick Norwegian accent.

Jodie and Mrs. Neely got along very well. Mrs. Neely said that Jodie reminded her of her daughter, who had died in a car crash years ago. Mrs. Neely was a widow. She kept busy by volunteering at the local library and senior center. An excellent baker, she often brought bread and pastries to Jodie.

“You’re trying to make me fat,” laughed Jodie one day. “How will I ever find a boyfriend?”

“I still can’t believe that Prince Charming hasn’t found you,” said Mrs. Neely. “Maybe you’re just too pretty and too smart for the young men around here.”

Jodie was going to graduate school at night. She had a day job as a teacher’s assistant in the fourth grade. She loved teaching kids. The principal had already told her that a full-time teaching job was hers after she got her master's degree.

“Aren’t there any nice boys in your graduate classes, Jodie?” Mrs. Neely asked.

“There are some,” said Jodie. “But they’re either married, or have a girlfriend, or are too focused on getting their degree. And don’t forget, I have to concentrate on graduating, so I really shouldn’t be dating anyway.”

“Well, that’s just a shame,” said Mrs. Neely. “You’re too pretty to be alone. But don’t worry. You keep doing your homework, and I’ll be on the lookout for you.” She winked at Jodie. Jodie smiled. She loved Mrs. Neely.

Mrs. Neely died not long after that conversation. She had a stroke while mixing some batter for cookies. An ambulance took her to the hospital, where she died a day later.

Her son Ned was Mrs. Neely’s sole heir. Ned had been married and divorced three times. None of his wives had anything nice to say about him. Ned didn’t care. He was looking for Wife Number Four.

Ned introduced himself to Jodie right after Mrs. Neely’s funeral on Saturday. He knew about Jodie because Mrs. Neely had told him about her. Ned said he was afraid that he might have to double her rent. Also, no pets were allowed in the building. “You’ll have to take your cat to the pound,” he said.

“In that case,” she said, “I’m moving out.”

“I was joking, of course. You’re very pretty,” said Ned.

“Thank you,” said Jodie.

“Come to dinner with me at Chez Maison tonight and we can discuss your apartment and your cat.” Ned had an air of confidence that Jodie found mildly attractive.

“That might be nice,” she found herself saying. Ned told her he would pick her up at 8 and left. Jodie wondered if she was doing the right thing. She didn’t even know this guy. Oh well, she thought, it would be nice to eat at a fancy restaurant for a change.

She picked up some cat food on her way home.


نوع مطلب : آموزشی، انگلیسی، 
برچسب ها : انگلیسی،
یکشنبه 29 آذر 1388 :: نویسنده : هومن همه چیز دون!

Short Stories of English

Number 5

Uncle Harry had no answering machine because hardly anyone ever called. Most of his friends and relatives were already dead. He had outlived them all, even though he smoked and drank most of his life. So much for all their talk about clean living, he sometimes thought.

The only person who talked to Uncle Harry regularly was his nephew Teddy. Teddy called several times a week, just for a few minutes to say hello and see if everything was OK. Some days Teddy had to call twice or more because Uncle Harry didn't answer the first phone call. When he finally did get through, Uncle Harry would chastise Teddy for his bad timing. “How do you always manage to call me when I'm in the bathroom?” he would ask.

Tuesday morning, Teddy let the phone ring ten times. He then hung up and went back to work. That afternoon he called Uncle Harry again. Again, no answer. A couple of hours later, he called again. Still no answer. He called Ira, Uncle Harry’s next-door neighbor.

“Hello,” said Ira.

“Hi, Ira, this is Teddy.”

“Hi, Teddy. How are you?”

“Oh, I’m fine, Ira. But I’m a little worried about Uncle Harry. I called him three times today and he didn’t answer once. I don’t think he could have been in the bathroom all three times, do you?”

“No, I don’t think so,” laughed Ira. “He does complain about that, doesn’t he? Anyway, I’ll go next door and see what’s up. If he doesn’t open the door, I know where he hides his spare key. I’ll call you back in a bit, okay?”

“Okay, Ira. Thanks a lot,” Teddy said.

A while later, Teddy’s phone rang. It was Ira. He sounded shaken. “Teddy, I’m sorry it took so long. I have bad news. Harry didn't answer the door, so I used his spare key. He was dead, Teddy. I’m sorry.”

“Oh, my gosh! That’s terrible!”

“I called the hospital, and they told me to call the coroner’s office. The coroner said they were busy, and wouldn’t be able to make it here until tomorrow or the day after.”

“What happened? Did he fall? Did he die in his sleep? Is he lying on the bed with a peaceful look on his face?”

“Not exactly, Teddy. He’s lying on the bathroom floor with a look of surprise on his face. We can move him to his bed later. But right now I’ve got to go home, Teddy. I think I might be in shock or something. I don’t feel right.”


نوع مطلب : آموزشی، انگلیسی، 
برچسب ها : انگلیسی،
یکشنبه 29 آذر 1388 :: نویسنده : هومن همه چیز دون!

Short Stories of English

Number 4

It was an old clock, but it still told the correct time. The face had a faded picture of Andy’s parents taken when they were newlyweds. Aside from some photos, the clock was the only memento Andy had of his mom and dad.

His father died of cancer in 1964. Then his mom moved to a private nursing home. She had many friends there. The nursing home, however, went bankrupt. They moved her into a state nursing home. She hated it there.

She asked Andy to help her move into a private nursing home again. She had spent most of her husband’s savings on living expenses at the first nursing home. Andy said he would try.

But Andy had no savings. He was a sergeant in the Army, and all his money went to his wife and three kids. He called his older brother Frank, who was single and had a great job. Frank was an avid deep-sea fisherman and was interested in buying a large boat for weekend use.

“Frank, I don’t have the money now, but you do,” Andy pleaded. “Just pay for Mom and I’ll owe you for half of the nursing home costs.”

“You’ll owe me? You don’t have two nickels to rub together, and probably never will. I’ll get stuck for the whole bill. What about my boat?”

“What boat?”

“Never mind. Let me think about it, and I'll get back to you.”

Frank never did send his mom the money to move into a private nursing home. Alone and unhappy, she died in the state nursing home only a year later. Andy never forgave his brother.

Many years went by. Frank’s health declined. He called up Andy one day. “Andy, I feel really bad about not helping out Mom. I was too interested in getting that boat. The older I’ve gotten, the more guilt I feel. My days are numbered, Andy. I was wondering if you would send me that clock, just for a little while. I want to beg Mom to forgive me.”

Andy was very reluctant to part with his clock, but he did feel a little sorry for Frank.

Frank died ten months later. One of Frank’s nieces, Flo, was the executor of his estate. Flo had hired a lawyer to help her Uncle Frank rewrite his will in his dying days. Strangely enough, Flo got everything.

She made sure Uncle Frank was buried a day after his death. No announcement was made about his funeral, which Flo kept private—at the 20-minute service, Flo was the only mourner. Flo sold Uncle Frank’s house, car, and boat within the week. Everything of lesser value went to a charity. His cash and stocks, of course, were already safely in her name.

When Andy discovered that his brother had died, he called Flo to ask about his clock. “Oh,” she said, “that went to charity with everything else. You didn’t really want that old thing, did you, Uncle Andy? Uncle Andy? Hello?” Well, that was rude, she thought.


نوع مطلب : آموزشی، انگلیسی، 
برچسب ها : انگلیسی،
یکشنبه 29 آذر 1388 :: نویسنده : هومن همه چیز دون!

Short Stories of English

Number 3

Travis and Paul were best friends and in the ninth grade. They didn’t like anything about school except the girls and the baseball. They were both on the junior high baseball team. Both wanted to be major league baseball players when they grew up.

On Thursday, baseball practice lasted for two hours after school. After practice, Travis and Paul were hungry and thirsty. Between them, they had $2.05. There was a small grocery store three blocks from the school.

“What can we buy for only $2?” asked Travis.

“We could split a soda and a candy bar,” replied Paul.

“That’s going to be hard to do, since I like orange soda and you like root beer,” said Travis. “And I hate peanuts in candy bars and you love them,” said Paul.

As they approached the store, they were still thinking about their problem. One solution, of course, was for one of them to pick the soda and the other to pick the candy bar. The problem with that solution would be that one of them would still be thirsty and the other would still be hungry.

“Wait a minute,” said Paul. “I’ve got an idea.” They stopped, and Paul told Travis his idea.

Mr. Cobb was the store owner. He had no use for kids. They were little people with little money. His eyes narrowed as he saw the boys approaching the store.

After they entered the store, Travis walked over to the big cooler that was filled with ice and sodas. Paul walked over to the candy bar section.

“Mr. Cobb, you don’t have any orange soda,” Travis said.

“Yes, I do. Just dig a little. You’ll find one.”

Travis dug for a minute.

“I still can’t find one.”

“Are you blind? I’ll be right there.”

Mr. Cobb started digging through the ice. Paul immediately put two candy bars into his trousers’ baggy pockets. He patted the pockets down a little bit.

“Look! Orange soda! What did I tell you?”

“Thank you, sir,” Travis said.

As Travis was paying for the orange soda and the root beer, Mr. Cobb looked at Paul.

“You’re not buying anything?”

“No, sir. We just wanted some sodas.”

“Then why were you looking at the candy bars?”

“Just to see if you got any new brands, sir.” Mr. Cobb’s narrow eyes got narrower as they moved slowly from Paul’s eyes to his shirt, to his pants, and to his shoes.

“If I ever catch you stealing from me, I’ll chop off your hands, you hear me?” For emphasis, Mr. Cobb reached down beneath the countertop and pulled out a butcher knife, sharp and shiny.

Both boys were startled. They ran out of the store.

“Come back here. You forgot your change!” Mr. Cobb yelled at them.


نوع مطلب : آموزشی، انگلیسی، 
برچسب ها : انگلیسی،
یکشنبه 29 آذر 1388 :: نویسنده : هومن همه چیز دون!

Short Stories of English

Number 2

Maria and Lisa were best friends. They shared a two-bedroom apartment in Hollywood. Maria was a clerk at a clothing store, and Lisa was a clerk at a supermarket. Their hours varied, so they didn’t get to spend a whole lot of time together. But last weekend both were off work. “Let’s go to the beach,” suggested Maria.

“That’s a good idea,” agreed Lisa. “Which one?”

“Well, I would prefer an uncrowded beach, because I think I’ve put on a few pounds recently. I don’t want any boys seeing my fat.”

“Oh, please,” said Lisa. “You eat so little. Ounces don’t turn into pounds. How about Zuma Beach? That’s pretty far north of Santa Monica Beach, so it’s just right—not too crowded and not too empty.”

“That sounds good,” said Maria.

The drive to the beach took more than an hour. When they got there, the hot and sunny Hollywood weather had become cool, windy, and overcast beach weather. Both of them had been to the beach many times before, so they were not surprised by the change in weather. They put on their jackets, shoes, and socks, and headed north to hunt for seashells.

Within an hour they had collected about 20 beautiful shells into a plastic bag. They were still walking slowly north when they heard a roar. They turned around to see a four-wheel All Terrain Vehicle coming rapidly toward them. The driver braked at the last moment. Sand flew onto the two girls. They both screamed.

The driver was wearing a jacket that said Beach Patrol. He got off the ATV and started yelling at them. “What are you two doing here? Can’t you read? The signs say Private Property. They say No Trespassing. Get out of here before I write you a ticket and have you arrested.”

“What’s your name?” Maria stood defiantly. “I’m going to report you to the police. You’re not a real patrol officer. This is a public beach. Those signs are phony signs put up by homeowners who think they own the beach.”

“My name is John Smith. Report me to whoever you want. Now get out of here or you’ll be sorry.”

“You can’t make us leave. This is a public beach!” yelled Maria.

The man got back onto his ATV and started driving in circles around the women. The ATV was spraying sand and water all over them. He was laughing. They started running back south. When the ATV driver saw that they were leaving, he drove off.

“John Smith. A phony name to go with a phony uniform,” said Maria when they slowed down to a walk. “We’re going to the police station and make a complaint. I hope they put him in jail.”

A few minutes later, Lisa asked, “Where are the shells?”

“Oh, gee, in all the excitement I left them back there. I’m sorry.”

“No problem,” replied Lisa. “There’s plenty of seashells in the sea.”

“Yeah, just like there’s plenty of jerks on the shore.”



نوع مطلب : آموزشی، انگلیسی، 
برچسب ها : انگلیسی،
یکشنبه 29 آذر 1388 :: نویسنده : هومن همه چیز دون!

Short Stories of English

Number 1

Adrian’s favorite store was the $1 Store. This store had everything, from fresh produce to birthday cards to gasoline additives. Everything was one dollar. Usually, he got very good deals; occasionally, he got ripped off.

A few days ago, Adrian bought six packages of ink for his printer. Then he found a deal on better ink at the local computer store. So Adrian went back to the $1 Store to exchange the ink for some other items.

He put the ink into a plastic bag and tied it up. When he entered the store, he immediately showed the bag to a clerk and told her that he was returning some items. She looked at him but said nothing. There were about ten people in her line. She was obviously very busy. Not knowing exactly what to do, Adrian put the bag into a push-cart and started shopping.

He was midway through shopping when a female employee suddenly stopped him. “Sir,” she said sternly, “you are not allowed to carry a plastic bag of items around in this store. What’s in this bag? Show me what’s in the bag!”

Adrian was taken aback. There was no need for her to yell. He opened the bag and showed her the six packages of ink. “I’m returning these to exchange for some other items,” Adrian said

“You should have left the bag with the clerk when you entered this store. Let me see your receipt!” the employee demanded.

Adrian was embarrassed. He felt like a shoplifter. He looked around to see if anyone was paying attention. He showed her the receipt.

“Perhaps in the future you’ll learn how to follow store policy. Leave this bag here with the clerk. You can have your receipt and bag back when you check out.”

By the time Adrian had finished shopping and exchanged the items, he was angry. How dare she treat him like a criminal? He went looking for her. He wanted an apology. He found her in the produce section and asked what her name was. She mumbled something. He asked her again, and this time he heard “Ursula.”

“Ursula what?” he asked. She yelled at him, “Ursula!” and stormed away.

When Adrian got home, he called the store’s corporate headquarters. This rude employee was about to lose her job, he said to himself. He described his unpleasant experience to a customer service representative. She was sympathetic. “Our employees are taught to be polite. We will not tolerate such behavior. Give me your phone number and I will call you back.”

Two days later, Adrian received a phone call from the representative. “I’m sorry,” she said, “but there’s no one at that store named Ursula. Can you describe her? I’ll find out who she is. I assure you, we do not tolerate rude behavior, nor do we tolerate lying to customers.”

By this time, Adrian had calmed down. He didn’t really want the employee to lose her job. He told the representative to forget about it.


نوع مطلب : آموزشی، انگلیسی، 
برچسب ها : انگلیسی،

اصطلاحات زبان انگلیسی با ترجمه

It'll spoil my appetite اشتهامو کور کرده

My GOD damn him خدا رحمت کند

My GOD bless him خدا رحمتش کند

My GOD for give him خدا ببخشدش

My GOD kill him خدا بکوشدت

I'm done تا خر خره خوردم

I will get it من جواب میدم

Poor you اخی

panking call مزاحم تلفنی

You have a screw loose یک تختش کمه

No pain no gain نامبرده رنج گنج میسر نمیشود

Tit for tat این به اون در

Easy come easy go باد اورد رو باد میبره

Its raining cats and dog مثل چی داره بارون میاد

Play of the job ماست مالی کردن

Apple polishing پاچه خواری

don't beat around the bushes برو سر اصل مطلب

I'm unity there is stregh یک دست صدا نداره

Shake your leg عجله کن

Goody to shoes پاچه خوار

 ingratiaterپاچه خوار

Take it easy ریلکس باش

He's over the hillکسی که دلش جوان است

 Haste make wasteعجله کار شیطونه

dount caunt your chikend before the hatch جوجه را اخر پاییز می شمارند

As you make your bed,so you must lie in it.

هر که خربزه می خورد پای لرزش می نشیند

At daggers drawn.

مثل کارد و پنیر

At the foot of the candle it is dark.

کوزه گر از کوزه شکسته اب می خورد

As plain as a pikestaff

مثل روز روشن

As you make your bed,so you must lie in it.

هر که خربزه می خورد پای لرزش می نشیند

At daggers drawn.

مثل کارد و پنیر

At the foot of the candle it is dark.

کوزه گر از کوزه شکسته اب می خوره

Bad is never cheap.

هیچ ارزانی بی علت و هیچ گرانی بی حکمت نیست

Bad luck often brings good luck.

عدو شود سبب خیر اگر خدا خواهد

A bad penny aleays comes back.

مال بد بیخ ریش صاحبش

A bad shearer never had a good sickle.

عروس بلد نیست برقصد می گوید زمین کج است

A bad thing never dies.

بادمجان بم افت ندارد

Bare as a bone.

مثل کف دست خالی

To be a time - server.

نان به نرخ روز خوردن

To be afraid of one's own shadow.

مار گزیده از ریسمان سیاه و سفید می ترسد

To be all aboroad.

تو باغ نبودن

to be all ears.

سراپا گوش بودن

to be all eyes.

چهار چشمی پاییدن

To be between the devil and the deep blue sea.

نه راه پس و نه راه پیش داشتن

To be beside oneself with joy.

از خوشحالی سر از پا نشناختن

To be chocked with tears.

بغض در گلو ترکیدن

To be free with one's money.

دست و دل باز بودن

To be head over heels in love.

یکدل نه صد دل عاشق شدن

Be it so.

هر چه باداباد

To be let down bably.

سنگ تمام گذاشتن

To be struck all of heap.

مثل خر در گل ماندن

To be trumpeted.

مثل توپ صدا کردن

To be up in the clouds.

در عالم هپروت سیر کردن

Bear's service.

دوستی خاله خرسه

To beat about/around the bush.

خود را به کوچه ی علی چپ زدن

Beat it.

جیم شدن,فلنگ را بستن

Beat one to frighten another.

به در می گویم که دیوار بشنود

To beat the air.

اب در هاون کوبیدن

The beaten road is the safest.

ازموده را ازمودن خطاست

Bed of roses.

اش دهان سوز

Begin your web, and god will send you the thread.

از تو حرکت از خدا برکت

To behave as a bully.

رجز خواندن

The best fish swim near the bottom.

هر که طاووس خواهد جور هندوستان کشد

Better bend than break.

احتیاط شرط عقل است

Better cut the shoe than pinch the foot.

دندانی که درد می کند باید کشید

Better late than never.

دیر رسیدن بهتر از هرگز نرسیدن است

Better to say there it is than it was.

داشتم داشتم حساب نیست , دارم دارم حسابه

Between two stools one falls to the ground.

با یک دست دو هندوانه نمی توان برداشت

Beyond a doubt.

رد خور ندارد
A big head has a big ache.

هر که بامش بیش برفش بیشتر

The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

احمق است ان کس که بالاتر نشست-----استخوانش سخت تر خواهد شکست

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

سیلی نقد به از حلوای نسیه

Birds of a feather flock together.

کبوتر با کبوتر باز با باز

The biter is somtimes bit.

دست بالای دست بسیار است

Bitter az gall.

مثل زهر مار است

Black will take no other hue.

بالاتر از سیاهی رنگی نیست

Blessings are not valued till they are gone.

قدر عافیت کسی داند که به مصیبتی گرفتار اید

The blind cannot lead the blind.

کوری عصا کش کور دگر شود

Blood is thicker than water.

چراغی که به خانه رواست به مسجد حرام است

The blood of all men is of one color.

خون تو رنگین تر از خون دیگران نیست


کله شق-سمج

Blue are the hills that are far away.

اواز دهل شنیدن از دور خوش است

اصطلاحات رایج انگلیسی با معادل فارسی

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

دوری و دوستی

با اهل زمانه صحبت از دور خوش است


Absolutely (tolally) disproportionate.

فیل و فنجان


Accusing the times is but excusing ourselves.

از ماست که بر ماست

چو تو خود کنی اختر خویش را بد-------مدار از فلک چشم نیک اختری


To act desperately.

دست از جان شستن

دل به دریا زدن


Actions speak louder than words.

دو صد گفته چو نیم کردار نیست


To add insult to injury.

گل بود به سبزه نیز اراسته شد


To add fuel to the fire.

دامن زدن به اتش


Advice when most needed is least heeded.

یاسین به گوش خر خواندن

باران که در لطافت طبعش ملال نیست-----در باغ لاله روید و در شوره زار خس


After death the doctor.

نوشدارو بعد مرگ سهراب


After night comes the dawn.

پایان شب سیه سپید است


All are not thieves that dog bark at.

هر گردی گردو نیست

هر کی ریش داره بابات نیست


All fellows in football.

بازی اشکنک داره , سرشکستنک داره


All is for the best.

هر چه پیش اید خوش اید


All is well that ends well.

جوجه رو اخر پاییز می شمارند


All things are difficult before they are easy.

معما چو حل گشت اسان شود


All things come to him who waits.

گر صبر کنی ز غوره حلوا سازی(سازم)


Always have two strings to your bow.

کار از محکم کاری عیب نمی کنه


The apples on the other side of the wall are the sweetest.

مرغ همسایه غازه

نعمت ما به چشم همسایه-----صد برابر فزون کند پایه


Aprill and may the keys of the year.

سالی که نکوست از بهارش پیداست


As bold as brass.

سنگ پای قزوین

نوع مطلب : آموزشی، انگلیسی، 
برچسب ها : انگلیسی،

درباره وبلاگ

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مدیر وبلاگ : هومن همه چیز دون!
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